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Can I really have as many or as few fasteners as I want?

Yes. We can certainly provide full box quantities when they are required, but if you only want a few M24 nuts, for example, you will likely be very pleased to buy just the number you need - in common with many large or specialist fasteners, these are priced accordingly.

I don't see the fastener that I need. Can you help?

We will always try to help with specialist and obsolete fasteners. We can often suggest an alternative that is cheaper and we are happy to place special orders on your behalf where necessary.

Do you supply imperial threads?

Yes, we can help with some imperial threaded fasteners. There is such a huge range of threads and types that we focus more on metric/metric fine/metric extra fine as many of the imperial types have been deprecated (i.e. non-recommended) by the British Standards Institute for 30+ years. We do still carry a range of UNF and UNC fasteners, for example, and more can be obtained by special order. Please contact us with your requirements and we will try to help.

How fast can you take an order and ship it?

We have the fastest order-to-shipment process in the industry. Although our regular turnaround time is from same-day to one week, we can accomplish the improbable and offer shipments on a more expedited basis.

Can you provide any secondary processes,
such as plating or special machining?

Coastal Fasteners is located in close proximity to many secondary plating and machining sources. These sources offer low cost, fast turnaround and high quality process for your secondary needs.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes. We accept both MasterCard and Visa.

Can I purchase in less than bulk quantities?

Yes, all products are available in less than carton quantities.

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